1st March 2010

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Welcome to The Cattle Information Service (CIS)

The CIS is farmer-owned and farmer-controlled. Involving all the leading cattle organisations, our objective is to improve standards of service, accuracy and value throughout all dairy herd management information practices.

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An Introduction to the CIS

Historically milk recording was seen as a way to get official milk production records, and this is still important especially when marketing cows, but The Cattle Information Service (CIS) provides so much more. Fertility, health, conformation and ancestry of cows are all important factors that determine if a cow is an asset to the herd or a liability.
The development of the web based 'Your Herd' management program, has enhanced the power of milk-recording systems, with tools that encourage the farmer and advisors to view the complete picture of the herd and investigate individual cows, allowing essential management decisions to be made without the need to spend valuable time wading through information from several different sources.

Members can login to view herd and cow performance and if the user wishes use ‘Your Herd’ as a complete herd management program at no extra cost.

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