Report for Holstein UK, Cattle Information Service and Centre for Dairy Information websites




The Cattle Information Service is NOT FOR SALE


In response to a number of rumours circulating in the recording industry, Holstein UK Chairman, David Tomlinson emphasised that the Cattle Information Service is NOT FOR SALE. “The company had another hugely successful year based on its innovative and unique web based systems, which enables high quality low cost recording services. This has resulted in a record numbers of cows recorded, establishing industry leading management and benchmarking programs aided by significant expansion in animal health and welfare through its web based information links to a large number of Veterinary Practices. Naturally this ongoing success makes it a takeover target for competitors”, he stressed.


Mr Tomlinson also emphasised that this ongoing success and expansion are the precise reasons why the Cattle Information Service is fundamental to the future development of the business and the breed.


“Let me assure all our staff and customers that the Cattle Information Service IS NOT FOR SALE or there are any negotiations taking place. The strength of the Cattle Information Service is its total integration with the Centre for Dairy Information, its non plc structure and ongoing commitment to keep recording prices low and innovation high. It should be remembered since the Cattle Information Service entered the market, total recording prices have fallen by up to 15%, proving competition works for our customers but not necessarily our competitors. Why would we ever consider changing such a successful competitive recording structure, which offers huge benefits to all sectors of the industry?” he concluded.