Health Testing

The recording milk sample holds a wealth of health information for dairy herds.

CIS provide insight from milk, tissue and blood samples to help dairy farmers manage herd health with a range of tools.

The web based system 'Your Herd' is FREE of charge for all milk recorded CIS customers providing a suite of management information to make informed decisions about the herd.

CIS Health Testing includes:

  • Disease testing for Johne's, BVDag, BVDab, IBR, Lepto, Neospora, Liverfluke and Schmallenberg
  • CHeCs accredited Johne's Monitoring Scheme*
  • Ketosis/Acidosis indicator for imbalance of butterfat/protein levels
  • Milk urea analysis to assist feed management
  • Protein intercept comparing production with protein levels to gauge energy status
  • SCC monitor to pinpoint ongoing or one-off problems
  • Online medicine book

Disease testing is available on a quarterly or ad hoc basis. All other analysis is included free of charge with routine milk recording. CHeCS schemes, are also available.

If you wish to speak to a member of the CIS team call 01923 695319 or email

*Opt In Scheme