• 06 Feb 2019

    DairyTech is a dairy event tailored for the new generation of dairy farmer, manager and technician. Its first ever event in February 2018 showcased ground-breaking technology; inspired uptake of the latest science and field-based skills, introduced a fresh range of innovative products and services and pioneered new global concepts in management efficiency. The event will provide the necessary environment for any dairy professional to gain the exposure they need to the latest gadgets, t

  • 20 Jan 2020

    'Focusing on succession to build a sustainable future' is the theme for the next BCBC Conference, which will take place on 20-22 January 2020 at the Telford Hotel and Golf Resort. Our aim for the 2020 conference is to embrace the ‘sea change’ our industry is facing, and in this we are not alone. Climate change affects us all, but through succession, sustainability and leadershi

  • 12 Sep 2018

    UK DAIRY DAY - Wednesday 12th September 2017 from 8.00am to 5.30pm focused with a theme of 'Sharing Knowledge'. The event will feature: FREE entry for all visitors and exhibitors FREE car parking on site and in town centre multi storey UK, European & International businesses Over 300 UK, European and International businesses covering four areas UK Dairy Day cattle show including The National Holstein Show and The National Ayrshire Show FREE Wi-Fi Sharing Knowledge zone featuring semi