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Enhance the value of your dairy herd

Produce more milk and enhance the value of your dairy herd with a pedigree registered herd. Read more..

Farmer Focus: D Blanch, Gloucestershire

The Blanch family have farmed at Poplar Farm, Gloucestershire for over 400 years, and is now under the management/proprietorship of David Blanch and his family. Read more..

29 Feb 2024

Farmer Focus: R & A McKinley, Dumfries & Galloway

Andrew and his parents run a herd of 200 British Friesians in Closeburn, Dumfries and Galloway. Some of the cow families in the closed herd trace back over 30 years. Read more..

Dairy Farming Operational Excellence & Efficiency

At the core of every dairy operation lies the pursuit of operational excellence. Efficiency in production, resource utilisation, and animal health management are pivotal to achievi

Invest and Navigate Herd Performance in 2024

Farmers have an opportunity to invest in the long-term profitability of their herds through milk recording and health testing.

Farmer Focus: Mr R D Fleming, Hillhead, Lockerbie

Lockerbie-based dairy farmer Willie Fleming farms in partnership with his parents, Robert and Margaret, and has grown the dairy herd from 100 cattle to a herd of 370 pedigree Holst