1st March 2010

CIS milk recording and 'Your Herd' management software

CIS is the largest-growing milk recording organisation in the UK, whose business has been built on cost-effectiveness, a fast turnaround and an award-winning website through which all results are returned to the farmer in an easy-to-use format.

The services available to milk recording farmers range from the simplest possible paper system and web view only option through which the performance records for every animal can be seen, to the fully comprehensive 'complete management system', branded 'Your Herd'. This option meets all of the farmer's statutory requirements, from movement records and medicine books to BCMS registration and cattle passports.

A wide variety of services come as part of the standard milk recording package, including the usual milk composition and cell counts to important health indicators such as urea testing and assessments for ketosis and acidosis. Add-on health tests include Johne's disease, BVD, leptospirosis and IBR.

With reliable links to pedigree and ancestry records through sister companies, and complete compatibility with all major dairy software (eg Orchid, Sum-It, Uniform and Interherd), CIS provides the most comprehensive option available to the British dairy farmer and offers the ultimate in time-saving and ease-of-use through a single point of data entry. Complete peace-of-mind stems from the secure storage of all herd data on the company's central computers, with 24 hour access through pass-worded access which the farmer can share with the people of his choice - from family and staff to vet and nutritionist.

The ground-breaking nature of the CIS milk recording service has been such that the company was awarded both the Queen's Award for Enterprise in the category of innovation and the title of Livestock Supplier of the Year in the annual business awards organised by the Scottish Farmer and the Royal Highland Agricultural Society, both in 2008.

Customers would seem to agree with this assessment, turning to the company in their droves and reporting a high level of satisfaction. But keen to build on its existing success, CIS strives to respond to customer feedback and constantly aims to improve its service, so assisting its users to rapidly identify areas of weakness in their herds and improve their physical and financial performance.