Cattle Ear Tags

A selection of ear tags, competitively priced, are available for all dairy breeds.

To order ear tags please contact your local CIS Area Manager or call 01923 695319 or email


Caisley cattle tags have been available in the UK for over 30 years. The range of cattle tags have a number of key features including retention, free and frictionless rotation, convenient packaging and most importantly one applicator applies the whole range! A full range of cattle tags is offered including Tissue Sampling, EID & Visual.

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The Approved Registered Cattle (ARC) mark provides traceability of registered cattle to the industry. Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss society members can purchase exclusively branded ARC tissue tags providing each animal’s DNA as part of an integral tissue bank to increased knowledge through genomic evaluation, parentage verification or health testing. DNA samples can be stored for up to seven years.

The ARC high-quality tag supplier boasts some of the highest retention rates on the market. Along with this, the tissue tags are quick and easy to use, with no chance of misidentification. Registering animals through ARC provides a wide range of benefits to the whole of the supply chain.

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