Find Your Future Herd Mothers

Analysing Return on Investment is key when looking at anything in the farm business.


Research shows that, on average, the top 20% of cows in the herd can produce in excess of £5,000 more in terms of Lifetime Milk Earnings, compared to the bottom 20%. This means that we need to ensure that we are providing the service and knowledge that allows you to identify which cows are in the top 20% and keep these genetics to shape your future herd.  

For a lifetime investment of less than £90 per cow, via the CIS and the Holstein Group, you can gain insight into your herd through:

  • Milk Recording
  • BVD Testing
  • Johne's Monitoring
  • Registrations
  • Classification
  • Genomic Testing


Holstein UK - Milk Recording

Milk Recording

The CIS offer a number of packages from a simple DIY system to a full milk recorder service, with reports supplied within 48hrs after sample receipt. Milk recorders visit farms on a regular basis to take samples, deliver to the laboratory and upload the results online, send by email or post.

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Holstein UK - BVD Testing

BVD Testing

Bovine viral diarrhoea is a disease caused by bovine pestivirus and is spread by animal to animal contact. Infection in non-pregnant animals results in diarrhoea, reduced conception rates and immuno-supression. 

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Holstein UK - Johne's Monitoring

Johne's Monitoring

Johne's is an infectious, chronic, progressive wasting disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium Avium Paratuberculosis. In affected animals it can lead to progressive damage of the intestines, and in cattle this leads to profuse and persistent scour, with severe weight loss.

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Holstein UK - Registrations


Cattle registered with Holstein UK are more productive and therefore more valuable. With good farm records, upgrading a herd to pedigree status is easy, Animals can be registered using their official ear tag identity; by phone or online.

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Holstein UK - Type Classification

Type Classification

Type Classification is a service available to members to assist in breeding a trouble free, long living, high production cow. The assessment of 24 linear type traits to produce five composite scores and the analysis of 5 welfare traits has been proven to directly impact cattle productivity.

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Holstein UK Genomic Evaluation

Genomic Evaluations

Genomics helps identify the animals with the greatest potential in the herd ensuring you can match your breeding decisions to the goals of the herd. The results give you the potential to develop traits such as longevity, fertility and disease resistance.

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