Milk Recording Service for Dairy Herds

Testing milk samples with The Cattle Information Service (CIS) provides dairy farmers with the data to make informed decisions about their future dairy herd performance from feeding to breeding.

CIS offer a number of packages from a simple DIY milk testing system to a full milk recorder service at an interval to suit all needs. We have the milk sample results available within 48hrs of sample receipt, with notifiction when the results are processed. Milk Recording is available without a contract keeping it simple to use.

CIS milk recorders visit farms at chosen interval to take or collect samples for testing at the CIS laboratory in Shropshire. The milk test results are uploaded online and can also be sent by email or post.

CIS Milk Recording package includes:

  • Routine milk testing of all individual in-milk cows for lactose levels as well as butterfat, protein, urea and somatic cell count
  • Test quarterly, monthly, 6 or 8 weekly with or without a milk recorder
  • The YourHerd management programme and MobileHerd app are included in your milk recording package
  • SMS and email notification when the milk sample results are processed
  • Reports to support herd management and breeding
  • Fertility report to deliver breeding success from conception to calving
  • Paper reports are available to be posted via Royal Mail
  • Electronic data file links to update farm and vet software
  • Production planner is available free of charge, an automated module that predicts future milk production on farm
  • Links to pedigree Breed Societies, BCMS and ScotEID
  • Assess and monitor Johne’s, BVD Ab, BVD Ag, IBR Ab, IBR gE Ab, Lepto, Neospora and Liver Fluke
  • Analysis is processed through the CIS ICAR and UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Results can be viewed online using the herd management programme YourHerd and MobileHerd app.

Paperless packages are available offering further savings and efficiencies for your business.


If you wish to speak to a member of the CIS team call 01923 695319 or email