18 Oct 2021

Monitor Herds for Johne’s

Johne’s disease is a chronic, debilitating and irreversible disease of ruminants caused by infection with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP). In affected animals it can lead to progressive damage of the intestines, leads to profuse and persistent scour, with severe weight loss.

Johne’s infections are almost always introduced to a herd by purchasing infected replacement breeding stock – although there are other risks of introducing the disease including importing slurry from other farms and swapping colostrum between herds

It is important to implement Johne's Testing Protocol by analysing milk samples taken as part of the routine recording to identify individual cow disease status. In addition, the Johne’s Tracker is a powerful tool for analysing previous and current quarterly Johne’s test results, along with other herd data, providing a clear picture of disease progression in herds and supporting industry efforts to tackle the disease.

For information on testing for Johne’s call 01923 695319 or visit www.thecis.co.uk